If you’re an executive,
we can help optimise
your insurance.

Our goal at Keyman is to help individuals to ensure they have the right cover when they need it most. Often that covers business owners, but we also work with corporate executives to ensure they have the right protection in place. We help clients all over the country to understand their insurance and take care of things when its needed most.

In many cases, an executive may have their your own personal coverage, but also have corporate benefits from their employer as well. This is great, but can often lead to double-ups or unnecessary coverage. Our Specialist Executive Review service will help you to understand and optimise all your insurance cover. We will make sure you are getting the best from your insurance, and aren’t paying unnecessarily for cover which won’t deliver when its claim time.

We provide advice from a robust analysis process, and from a team with 20 years specialising in executive and key person insurance cover. From there you can either update your insurance yourself, or we can work with you to sort it out.

Our Keyman principles
protect your cashflow,
providing certainty and
control of your cover.
Our team will help you
assess the cover you
currently have in place.

This will look at both your
personal cover, as well
as any employee corporate
benefits which may be part
of your employment package.
Our in-depth analysis
provides a comprehensive
report and recommendations
on any changes to your cover.

It helps to ensure you have both
the right cover in place for
your needs now, AND that
you aren't doubling up in any areas.
You then have the option
to utilise more of our
benefits, and our unique
Delivery Guarantee.

OR you are welcome to
take our analysis and
update your insurance